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Plasterboard and dry mortar production

In 1994, brothers Annamyrat and Shamyrat Apovovs registered Ak-Gaya Individual Enterprise, to trade in building mixes at the Bedev market. Annamyrat Apovov was appointed as the director of Ak-Gaya. Initially, the brothers did not have a trade outlet and sales were conducted by car. In 1997, due to an increase in sales, commercial premises in Bedev market were rented.In 2002, after buying the shop, the brothers started to supply construction materials from Turkey on their own. In 2005, due to an increase in sales, the number of outlets increased. Two shops were located in the Altyn Asyr market (“tolkuchka”) and one in the Bedev market.

In 2015 a decision was made to start its own production, whereupon the Ak-Gaya Individual Enterprise was re-registered as the Ak-Gaya Economic Society. The company received a permanent lease of 25 hectares of land in Balkan region for the construction of a building mix and gypsum plasterboard plant. The construction of the production hall was carried out by the Ak-Yayla business entity, which belongs to the Group, with its own funds. In the same year, Ak-Gaya Ltd. leases a 2.12 ha plot of land in the industrial zone of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan in Ahal region for the construction of a shop and warehouses. The construction was also carried out by the Ak-Yayla ES. In the same year, the company leased 300 hectares of land for a period of 39 years in the farm association Bereket of Akhal region for the development of cattle breeding activities, of which 290 hectares were allocated for fodder growing and 10 hectares for a cattle farm. In 2016, having registered shops and warehouses in UIET s industrial zone, it continues to trade in building materials as well as household goods.

In 2018-2020, the Group continues to build the production complex with its own resources, acquires equipment with borrowed funds from a local bank and gradually establishes production of building mixes and gypsum plasterboard. In 2018 Ak-Gaya ES registers its own putty and plaster trademark "Ak-Alchi". In 2020, the company rents an office premises and shop for a period of 39 years at the bypass road.

In 2020 loans were obtained from the State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan for the development of the production of gypsum suspended ceilings and profiles at the building mixes and gypsum board plant in Balkan region. In 2021, Ak-Gaya ES plans to start production of gypsum suspended ceilings and several types of profiles. On 8 December 2020, the ceremonial opening of building mixes and gypsum plasterboard production plant in Balkan region took place.