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Return / exchange of goods purchased in "Ak Gaýa"

The return / exchange conditions apply to goods purchased in Ak Gaýa offline stores and on Ak Gaýa social platforms.

You can return the purchased item if:

1. The product was not in use (even once);

2. Preserved its presentation, seals, factory labels;

3. The consumer properties of the goods are preserved;

4. A document (CHECK / BILL) has been saved, confirming payment for the goods.

5.The return of the goods is carried out at the price of the goods at the time of purchase;

6. The return / exchange of goods is carried out to the outlet of KhO "Ak Gaya", in which it was purchased;

7. Your product is not included in the list of non-food products of good quality that cannot be returned / exchanged, namely:

  • Materials and other goods sold per meter:
    - Cables, cords;
    - Linoleum, film, carpets and others;
    - Remains of cut-off goods cannot be returned;
  • Goods sold in packages, kits (for example, laminate, etc.). The remains in single copies from the packaging of the goods are not subject to return;
  • Goods sold by weight;
  • Travel boats (and other means of transportation on the water). A detailed list of non-food products of good quality that cannot be returned / exchanged (Order No. 195 of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan dated November 30, 2017) can be downloaded below.

You can return the goods you purchased within fifteen calendar days, not counting the day of purchase (the goods for which the warranty card is issued, the return terms are set in the warranty card).